" The Origin Of Yoga "

"Yoga is the Union"

(Union of Svastha=Health, Sukha=Happiness & Samathva=Harmony)

Transforming lives from Tamas to Rajas and to Sattwa

Our Vision: Health, Happiness, and Harmony

Our Mission: To spread the authentic knowledge of Yoga.

Our Goal: To Celebrate life.


To inculcate the Holistic Approach of Yoga in daily life of common people.

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Self Transformation & Re-Creation

Event Organiser - Manivannan RJ

Go beyond whatever you are now. Transcend your mind through “cosmic consciousness”. Let you be remained undisturbed by your own mind. Embrace the unity of your soul with the help of recreating yourself. It is possible since it is nature.

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GROUP Session Schedule (coming soon)

Monday - Asana & Pranayama (beginners)

Tuesday - Flow with me(intermediate)

Wednesday - Yin Yoga/Pre natal (all levels)

Thursday - Strength and Balance(advanced)

Friday - Vinyasa (intermediate)

Saturday - Chakra Dharana (Relaxation Technique)-(all levels)


What clients say


  • Kristi Albernaz
    Bharath is a wonderfully inspiring yoga teacher and teacher trainer. I had the pleasure of studying under him, and he continues to influence and inspire my teachings on a daily basis. Bharath helped shape me into the teacher I am today. The passion and knowledge that he brings to his teachings are beautiful to witness. He has such knowledge of anatomy and the human body as well as the philosophy and history of Yoga. It's very rare to meet a teacher with such passion and knowledge of Yoga, and anyone who has the chance to take one of his classes or train with him is very lucky.
    Kristi Albernaz
  • Rosalia Jakarta
    Thank you, Bharath for the awesome and wonderful sessions. Your class was fun and very useful. You taught me many benefits from your class and given me new knowledge to help me continue working with my asana.
    Rosalia Jakarta
  • Tiffany, (USA)
    I've been taking classes from Bharath for a couple of weeks.  He's been helping me with my goals of decreasing stress and improving flexibility.  He's very experienced, knowledgeable, and motivating, and he's highly recommended.
    Tiffany, (USA)
  • Julia, (Germany)
    My experiences with Bharath, I enjoy the teaching; especially my soul was inspired and opened to receive learning and experiences. He never gives me the feeling of pressure or that I am wrong, but support me in situations where there was space to grow. It was an important step in my life and the beginning of a changing process I don´t want to miss. Two and a half years ago he still enriched me! NAMASTE
    Julia, (Germany)
  • Milly, (UK)
    I can wholeheartedly recommend Bharat's yoga classes to everyone! He has such a calming presence, is very warm and compassionate, and is always encouraging of his students. Bharath has such great knowledge and understanding of all the different aspects of yoga and this is reflected in his teaching. His classes are a good balance of challenging asana, pranayama and relaxation, and Bharat takes time to properly explain the method and benefits of these different techniques. He also chooses the best music for his classes, but that’s just a bonus!
    Milly, (UK)
  • Madhavi, (USA)
    Bharath is a very knowledgeable and empathetic yoga teacher with at most dedication to his profession and his students’ well being. He is a very good listener, punctual to classes, and focused on you the student during class even in this day of many digital distractions surrounding you. I’ve been practicing yoga through My Yoga Teacher with Bharath for about 6 months now and I must say these classes have been tremendously helpful. I highly recommend him to anyone as a yoga guru.
    Madhavi, (USA)