“Self Transformation or Self Re-create”

- Manivannan RJ

MSc Advanced Applied Psychology MBA Human Resource Management

Dates of the workshop : July 1st to July 5th 2020


Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm (IST
Price: Rs.8000 / 105$ (75% off) Rs.2000 / 29$
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Insights of the workshop:

Human body - The life partner
Body is truthful to you - we cannot fool it

The mind - the bridge between Body and self
Neither body nor soul, but powerful than nuclear energy

Intelligence and Emotions - curse or wish
If you are adaptive, then adopting transformation is possible

Stages of Consciousness
Form to formless - an individual experience of becoming sankya yogi

The Transformation
Let you be undisturbed by those that cannot control soul

"The Power of Positive Possibilities"

-Beenaa K Manivannan

MSc in Psychology
Masters in Public administration
Masters in Indian and world history.

Insights of the workshop:

If you can dream, then you can do
What dream would you set for yourself if you knew it can come true every ounce of it.

The Powe of possibility thinking
If you knew positive thinking opens all doors of possibility what would you decide upon?

For every action there is always an opposite reaction
If your reactions determine the course of your actions what would you choose to do?

Limitation versus limitless
Would you know yourself better if you knew the bond between Atma and Paramatma?

Belief, Faith, Hope, the three ultimate sutras.
Do you know one of these three sutras leads to the remaining other two?

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Depression uplift – 3hrs

Anxiety Affirmation - 4hrs

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